Core Rules
The RedBranch only accepts members into its ranks that are of similar personalities, goals and values to its own. All of our members support and follow our core guild rules and anyone who cannot, is removed. Our core rules and values have served us well since early 2006 and continue to be the guiding principles behind moving the guild forward. Our core rules include, but are not limited to:

  1. Guild First: We expect all members to ensure that all actions they take are done in the mindset of 'guild first'. Anything a member does reflects on the overall guild image and on all fellow members. We expect members to only take actions that reflect positively on the guild image that we have worked very hard to build and maintain over the years.
  2. Participate In Guild Events. Hunts, Raids, Events and other in game activities occur all the time. You are expected to take place in as many of them as possible. We understand people have lives and cannot live within the online world and that is ok. But if you are online, and we are having a guild event of some sort, we would enjoy you being there and participating in it. Actively working against the guild on any mission will result in immediate and permanent removal.
  3. Leadership roles in The RedBranch are decided based on demonstrated ability as well as the need for a leader in a particular spot. You can be assured that your leaders are working hard to make the game more fun for you. While the reason behind every decision may not always be apparent at the moment an order is issued, all in game orders from officers need to be immediately followed.
  4. We are a TEAM of FRIENDS. Backing up your guildmates is expected because they will do the same for you. RedBranch members understand that sometimes personal character sacrifice is needed for the team to complete a mission. We dont view it as personal sacrifice, however, because we are helping out a friend and that is more important than loot or pixels on a screen. Games come and go. The RedBranch and the friendships within it, remain.
  5. Deadweight is not needed in the guild. Failure to maintain an acceptable level of activity will result in your removal. We do have an "inactive" status for members who are retired from current expansions and wish to join us in future expansions. We also make exceptions for Military personel and college students. If you need to take a leave of absence, please contact an officer so we can mark your toon Inactive DNB.
  6. Members may not use cheats or exploits
  7. Members may not Pkill/murder other players. Consensual pvp is permitted, encouraged and a fun aspect of the game.
  8. Upholding of all guild values and rules is required of all members. There are no exceptions whether you are a member for 10 days or 10 years. All members must maintain the values of the guild.
  9. Members need to behave in a mature, professional, team focused manner. Self focused, loot focused, immature people will not be tolerated
  10. Make friends in the guild. At our core we are a Team Of Friends. So make friends. Those friendships make us strong.
  11. Any issues with guild policies are brought directly to StankyManky, 1 on 1, via email. Publically bashing or complaining about them is not tolerated.
  12. Personal attacks on other members is not permitted. Handle issues with another player 1 on 1, in a mature professional way. Seek an officers help if needed but do not personally attack other members.
  13. Backstabbing, looting, stealing from, scamming or otherwise harming other members is not permitted. It all goes back to our core value that we are a team of friends.
  14. Profanity.. sexual content.. and obscene content are not needed or permitted in guild channels in game, in a public Vent channel. Private channels are up to the people within them. If you dont like someones language, please ask them to tone it down, if they refuse contact an officer.
  15. Our guild officers are chosen on skill and knowledge. If a guild officer tells you to do something, theres probably a very good reason (even though it may not be apparent to you) please do it immediately. Do not argue or complain to them and definitely do not get nasty with them or removal will occur and you can explain to me why you had to behave that way and should be let back in.
  16. Members who cannot follow core rules and standards, will be removed from the guild.
  17. Sexual Harassment will NOT be tolerated and will result in your immediate removal from the guild.
  18. Inactivity of 3 (three) months will be cause for removal from the guild (unless you made previous arrangements with an officer).